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OOOoooOOoo!! Someone's OLD...

and i ain't talking about onli myself =P

My dearest brother Rew Rew...here's to your 20 years of existance and to many many years more.

you're definately worth more than one freakin' Ringgit!!! You're PRICELESS!!!

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damnit, the pix is so small cos' it was taken with my phone.

And to justify your reading my blog, here's a current pix of me in my Friendster :

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and yesterday Mr W.K came over to get his potato salad ( and spoon!) but got more than what he bargained for cos' my mummy interogated him...MUAHAHAHAH... later daddy came home too, so he got it TWICE. Mummy and daddy dearest seems to like him though...that's good news isn't it?

so after exams i will most prolly be going down to Malacca more often now, since his mum wants to see ME. (<---tiao!!) .
Face it ah ling, it's inevitable...

music : Will Young - Light My Fire
mood : i feel like jumping around-lar!!

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!