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guilt haunts.

yes it does. feeling sort of remorseful (<--u're prolly thinking "why feeling SORT OF remorseful? stupid b#%@h. its either she's feeling sorry or not at all. heheheh.) but anyway, i was really tired( am still am actually). stressed. what else? there's a huge fucking pimple on my right cheek.i hate exams-lar.

anyway please hope that i get the part yah? part of what ar? heheh.take a wild guess. will update on that later IF i get it.( NOT PORN. But i borrowed Joyce's Pornstar tee and the one with 'xiang' or 'heong' on it which is mandarin and cantonese for 'nice-smelling' respectively, and also her green dress + shawl). The green dress can be seen at her friendster account's pix.Just go to my friendster, then look for Joyce's account lar. The FIRST joyce on my list please. Anyway i need it cos Mr W.K's friend is having a wedding dinner on the 7th of May @ Pan Pac in kay elle..(thanks Joyce =) will let u know if i need the 'bondage bag' heheh)

yesterday was Jason's bday BBQ at his house in sunway...ended up cam-whoring in front of the fan ( for the effect, baybeh!!) the pix came out really really nicely, but sorri lar, they are in Ah Ying's camera, and she's prolly in Penang now. Then Andrew stayed over cos he didnt want to go back home...

oh!! Mr W.K and I gave Jason a photoframe ( from Ikea) with Durex inside. damn funny okay. and since Jason was drunk, well, he said lots of funny things..

tralalalalalala. Have a happi week ahead.

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!