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it swallows.

what does?

Blogger lar. What did you think i was talking about ? o.O

it ate my whole damn post yesterday.fuck.

anyway, here's just a brief overview of what i wrote :

1) maybe, just MAYBE starring in something minor.Keep guessing about what it is about okay? If i get the part i will elaborate. ( for those who alreadi know, keep it quiet first yah? =) ) i really hope i do, cos' i need the $$$.

2) Jason's party on Saturday - met my dearest sister Ah Ying ( she's also my ex-sis-in-law =P) and Ah Drew there, we actually cam-whored in front of a fan for effect. Hey, the pix came out damn nicely okay? too bad all the pix are in Ying's camera and she's in Penang now.keep a look out for them in my Friendster lar..coming soon!!

3) Lang Tengah trip with Mr W.K? Hhhmmm.... should i go or not? (<--i think he paid for me alreadi lar.) darn.

4) Exam tomorrow. argh. Back to the books then.

music : Nelly - And They Say
mood : in the mood for everything else EXCEPT studying.

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