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i can't feel my toes.

This is the after effect of standing for a whole day in 3-inch heels. Fucking mistake okay. argh. was working @ shah alam on saturday and sunday..

met some people who looked damn familiar, and we're sure we've met before, but not sure WHEN. the thing is, we seem to have some friends in common, but WHEN and WHERE have we met before? argh. this is such a nagging feeling okay.

anyway bought like 4 nail polishes, 2 lip liners, 3 eye liners(<--from wet n' wild) and 2 lip glosses and something else for Mr W.K on saturday. didnt go shopping today though, didnt do much work either, just catching up with my supervisor whom i haven't seen for nearly a year..

If another guy whom i just met asks me for my phone number i will most prolly go to Lazo Jewellers (<---Cheap mah!!) and get myself a more indiscreet ring so i can tell him that i am MARRIED.

Music : Blackstreet - Booty Call
Mood : can't feel my toes

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!