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3 arenas..1 night...

Can't wait for ZOUK OUT!!!

for the uninformed, there will be 3 arenas: Velvet, Ghetto Heaven & the Zouk main arena.

If no one is going to bother booking a room, i won't mind freezing in Genting till the next morning...any ideas on what we could do without booking a room and passing a night there? go to the casino? sit in the canteen for taxi drivers? Go visit Ria apartments? (scrape this idea!!cos the place is haunted lar.)

I need to digress:
i have to say:" pui fuk, pui fuk to you".

on the other hand an sms from someone made my day lar.. seriously. Unexpected sms, but still what the hell, i would never have thought he/she would have messaged me. how interesting.Oh, and i just got an invite to go to RUSH. wth. there's too much work to finish up, and besides, i have an appointment at 10 am tomorrow. sor hai.

Kar yau, choong yau lok kor lei pai ching.

And i do believe that everything has happened for a reason.

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