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freefall into time.

i was just thinking about stuff, and i came to the conclusion that there are so many fakes out there.

the next time someone tells me "you are so lovely" or " i want to take care of you" or "i love you" i'm going to take it that person onli wants to fuckaround with me. Lies, lies , lies. which add up to much damage.

Hartamas Square with Andrew & his other group of friends, went to Dragon Bar for like 5 minutes or so to use their washroom ( hahah! who cares when i can get in for free?!?). there was hardly anyone there though, and even the upper level was closed.

The 10 am appointment was great!! can't wait for end of April to see how things go. I wonder how my 'girls' are faring in the Epson's roadshow? leave it to Jolene ( no, not the one staying in Wangsa Maju) to call me if anything goes wrong. But hey, i got good munny for recommending those girls okay!!

Also called Audrey earlier on. Yay! should be seeing her on the 5th of March. looks like i have another alternative to freezing in the cold.

Suddenly i have a craving for 'char siew pau'. But i drove around the coffeeshops around half an hour ago, and i didnt see any paus in the steamer/warmer. Damn.

Have to finish up the presentation work later at Karen's house.Shite. Am running out of brand names for guy/girl gadgets.

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!