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the cam hoe strikes back...

not really. I'll never get to Andrewlius' level.

Last nite's yum cha sessions @ Hartamas Square with the group consisting of ppl whom i have never met before. In that group people with alternative lifestyles...

What the hell, our sexual preferences are our own business. Don't get me wrong yah? I'm on the straight, but bless you, cos' it doesnt matter if you aren't.

Here are my latest photos (just took them just now cos i was in cam whore mode!!) ..

oh, and just now, Candy ran out. Candy = my Labrador Retriever. Everytime it runs out, i have to go bring her back in my car. Just now, passing by the field, i didn't see her anywhere. And the Malay boys on the benches were still calm. when i passed by the 2nd time, i saw some of them standing on the benches and pointing ahead. True enough, Candy ran towards my car when she saw it.

Oh, Candy's cuteness makes up for everything.

In fact, i am going to snap a picture of her.Now.

okay, i took 2 pictures instead :

whatcha looking at, Candy?

I actually wanted to snap some more pictures, but since she follows me around, i couldnt actually get far away enough to snap pictures at different angles, and when i did bend down, she tried to eat the camera, and when that didn't work she decided to jump on me instead.Aih.

Okay, college starts this Monday, yay, its the last semester of my Diploma program(me?).

Have to go get dinner from McD's soon. To think i had McD's chicken burger at 1 something early this morning, and i'll be having it for dinner later. Supersize me, tralallaalala...

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