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the classic malaysian

is 'Key-poh'.

Guess what Ah Ying, Jason and I did today? we went to the Curve to go see the shop where the woman was murdered. We couldnt go near there though, since there were a whole bunch of policemen and security guards there. The shop next to that shop was closed too.

Tried Winter Warmer's waffles with ice-cream and the coffee mousse cake, then i 'tah-pau-ed' a slice of lavender cheesecake, then onwards to the Norweigian bakery behind TGIF where i bought a loaf of brown bread.

Forgot to mention that earlier on in the day i went back to SMKTTDI ( oh, sekolah ku yang tercinta...my ass!!) to get my 1119 cert, and i noticed that many ppl have not bothered to come back and get their certs. The whole school concept has not changed ; i think it is recess thruout the day....same as when we were back in school..

then went to Atria cos i thought that there would be a Bobbi Brown counter at the Parkson there, but there are no longer any cosmetic counters anymore.

so i found myself in PetsAngel and got Candy a squeaky ball ( she loves toys which squeak!!!)
Bloody hell, it was RM 21.90. It's made of cloth which apparently is used in making kimonos. Gar. Looked for Awana the poodle, and finally had to ask the guy where she was. She actually gave me a shock, cos i thought that it was a toy inside the cat's house/kennel/whatever. Damnit, all those fur can be deceiving.

total damage for today:
Food + drinks(peach tea!!) + cheesecake = RM 16
Bread + coffee= RM 13
Squeaky ball = RM 21.90
Nett total = RM50.90

I'm going to be broke at this rate.

Tomorrow i have to wake up early, the earliest i will have woken up in nearly a month, cos i am leaving for the MAS travel fair at the Mines at 8 am.

oh! oh!! i am also planning to go to ZOUKOUT @ Genting. Anyone else going?!?

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