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My birthday & the completion of Mission 'Find Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap XL with gold chain'

Eiffel Tower lit up with various colours.

So this year we went to Paris for the New Year's countdown, were greatly disappointed by the absence of fireworks at the Eiffel Tower (more on that later) and paid a visit to 31, Rue de Cambon.

Yes, the headquarters of fashion house Chanel.

To get this:

Boyfriend also wanted to camwhore with it.

As you see in THIS POST, the paper bags and boxes are slightly different. Lansi-nya -__-"

Oh and if you have to know, this bag is sold for 2010 Euros (calfskin) and if you're thinking of getting one in lambskin, it's only 10 Euros more wtf. So 2020 Euros for the lambskin version.


Oh yes, and after Paris it was touchdown in London for my birthday. I got a totally unexpected present (and a stripper as well!! Private joke xD) :

Thank you very muchie darling!! The charms tell a story as well, heheh..

Oh, and had duck rice at Bayswater again. I swear to God, there's something in that duck of theirs...-__-" Service here is WAY better than their other branch in London's Chinatown. And it is not as crowded in Bayswater as compared to the other branch.

Don't like waiting + not enough sleep + tired.

Half a duck (deboned upon request), mixed plate of 'char siew'(honey-roasted pork) and 'siew yoke'(roast pork).

Also had rice, and a pot of tea for two people (both rice & tea = free-flow).

Total damage - GBP 26.00

Yups, a really REALLY low-key birthday this year. Anyway I've been turning 18 years of age 7 times in a row already, hehehe..

ah ling

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Happy belated birthday! I also wouldn't mind a low key birthday if I got a Chanel bag hahaha. What lovely gifts :)

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