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Hola! from Barcelona...

1) I´m still trying to figure out this Spanish keyboard. Fail. I had to copy and paste a ¨@¨sign (---> this one) to sign into my Facebook.
2) Living in England lulls you into a false sense of security the second you step onto a zebra crossing. Here, it´s pretty much like being back in Kay Elle with motorists trying to mow you down even though you are halfway across the zebra crossing.
3) I fcuking HATE crowds!! Argh!! enough said...
4) I have seen some of the most interesting costumes of people who dress up and then charge you if you take a picture with them (don´t know the word off the top of my head at this moment).
5) 7 Euros (approx. RM 45) for a beer wtf.
6) I am Malaysian! I don´t need a whatever you call it visa to go to most European countries! Don´t assume I´m from China! *Spits*

Back soon, hopefully for more updates. Till then,

ah ling

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