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The expensive lifestyle in Barcelona.

Not me, but here in Barcelona.
Everything is expensive =/ (So take more photos cos´ that + the memories are free)

Went to Passeig De Gràcia to check out the Chanel Classic Maxi (or the XL) in calfskin and they only had two left, but in Navy and Beige, and they were both selling for 2400 Euros.
In England, IF, only IF you can find the Chanel Classic Maxi in calfskin anywhere (PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!), they´re going for 1790 GBP. Since there were no black ones, and after conversion it would be a lot more feasible for me to look back in the UK or Paris (going there for the year end!!), I left empty-handed =( I WILL GET ONE WITH A GOLD CHAIN AND ONE WITH A SILVER. I DON´T CARE. THEY WILL STILL BE A LOT CHEAPER HERE THAN BACK HOME.

It´s the boyfriend´s birthday today and ZOMG, is he acting spoiled! *bites arm to keep from screaming* I just have to put up with this for one day of the year, he has to do it all the time MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA *Supreme evil laugh*

More tomorrow hopefully.

ah ling

P.S: Went to La Boqueria (probably Barcelona’s best-known market which is situated just off La Ramblas) earlier today and it was CLOSED wtf! How come!?!

P.P.S: We met the most STUPID (unfortunately she was blond) American earlier (This has NOTHING to do with nationalities okay). Seated at the table next to us during dinner, her friends had been chatting with us, asking for directions, and she had been seated there long enough to hear everything, and she asked us if we speak ENGLISH. Er, NO, lady. Obviously we have been speaking Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin to your friends, didn´t you know that they are fucking trilingual???! KNNCCB.

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