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My new haircut @ Love Your Hair, Sheffield,

No, not at Hairkunst, The Curve.

I'm too far away to go there, really.

Decided that my hair was becoming too unmanageable and dry. Besides, after perming my hair way back in March, my hair needed more maintenance and always easily tangles. Not a good idea here, when the wind blows all the time wtf.

Anyway, to have a good idea of how long my hair was, here's a picture.

Looks like the ghost in Ju-on wtf -__-

Taken at Love Your Hair:

Asked the boyfriend to help me take a picture first.

Then started taking them on my own, obviously.

That's one of the sylists walking out for her lunch. I like her hair colour!

I call this Foil Head™ Syndrome.

A close-up of Foil Head™ Syndrome.


Nice streaks? Or Chau Lala Mui™ Syndrome? And I finally have a shorter fringe than usual, and it's all to one side, finally!

Anyway damage done to my purse - Cut and finish (yes, here they charge for blowdrying after cut -__-") = GBP 15 (fcuking cheap cos' I got a voucher)
Colouring and finish = GBP 65

Total = GBP 80 (Approx. RM 450 after conversion). After nearly 5 hours there, I could feel my arse moulding itself into the chair wtf.

Uh-oh, I just realized I still have to pack for Spain. Shit.

ah ling

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