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X-Men Origins - Wolverine

Before the Arsenal-Manchester United match started that day, they showed the trailer for this movie on SkySports in the pub, and we went to see it the very next day lol. Cost the boyfriend 4.60 British Pounds per ticket (cos' we used our student cards or else it would have been around 6 Pounds)

The movie shows us how Logan (the Canadian lumberjack with a dry sense of humour) became Wolverine, why he chose that particular name, how his name became engraved on his dog tag, and why he is always so cranky. The Wolverine history was told very well indeed (I liked the way they portrayed Logan as a soldier in war many times over)

Hello, Logan.

It's not really a long movie, nearly two hours long, but I really liked it. I guess it depends on your taste in film genre, after all I LOVE Kill Bill Vol.1 (not particularly Vol.2), but the boyfriend doesn't really like it (even though he likes blood and gore).

And as the lights came on in the cinema, I heard this guy say really loudly that it was a waste of 2 hours of his life -___-

Well, you do get to see broody Logan a.k.a Wolverine a.k.a Hugh Jackman's naked arse when he jumps down the waterfall. Dunno if they censored that part in the movie theatres back home though.

Dominic Monaghan appears as well, and I couldn't recognize him at all. Was Googling his character in the movie, and apparently he is Bolt (the mutant who can control electricity. Gambit makes an appearance as well and he is played by Taylor Kitsch who also acted in The Covenant! Wtf, I don't remember him looking anything like Gambit back then.

Gambit the Trickster.

P.S: As the movie ends and the credits come on, don't leave just yet. There's still a short scene.

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