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Half-naked photo of ah ling on PayPerPost -__-

There's a half-naked photo of me online. Okay, there are half-naked photos of me online everywhere. But where??!??

Turns out my blog is the featured blog of the day at PayPerPost...*big smile*.

And my cheque for my sitting down and listening and talking sometime last month for a half an hour session came in the post today.

No, I didn't prostitute myself, in case you are wondering, wtf -__-"

It was for my stint as an interpreter for a solicitor's client, and I got paid more than I expected. Yay! These are the two good things which made my day, and will keep me smiling through today at least.

P.S: The boiler in the house is prolly effed up. This means that essentially, we have no hot water to bathe, and until the landlord does something about this, we have to keep turning the central heating on to get the water WARM for quick showers. Sigh.

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