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Carlsberg - Part of the game : Football fans, you have been warned.


When football mad and beer loving fans exist, it only makes sense for one of the largest beer companies around to launch their very own Web TV about football and fan life.

Yeah. Carlsberg Web-TV, which encompasses 5 channels which shows all aspects about....Football. Things from classic football matches, to life as a fan of the game.

If you're going to check Partofthegame.tv out, you HAVE to look at all the football funnies which can be found on the Football Magic channel. And if you have any favourite football moments as well (which I trust you would) regardless of where they're from, upload them as well to share!


Yup, click www.partofthegame.tv to have a look for yourself, or click on the link below to have a look at the web tv site dedicated to football, football, and more football.

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