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Halloween 2008 @ Embrace - My night as a dead Japanese schoolgirl..

Halloween. An excuse to dress up, play with fake blood, and slap foundation which is 2 shades higher on my face (so it became whiter than normal). Heh.

As promised in this post, here are some pictures from Halloween night..

Picture with housemates before leaving for Embrace.

Me & Ping Ping lining up outside the club. Freaking cold can? 2 Celcius only, and we didn't bring any jackets with us. Didn't want to spoil our costumes mar...

Peter & I. Nice hor his makeup? Cos I did it for him!! Lol...except for that growth on his right cheek..he did that himself when I went to take a bath..-__-""

Saw so many different costumes! Saw a guy dressed like a cow (complete with udders!), a GUY dressed like Snow White (with boobs summore!), a banana -___-", superheroes of all kinds, half-naked guys with their exposed flesh painted blue...yeah..

And we saw a guy with the mask from Saw..

For a guy with a knife through his head, he looks pretty darned happy..and I'd like to think it's because he got to camwhore with two beautiful girls.

I actually wore my contact lenses inside out so that the grey would be more obvious, hence more freaky in other words.

Dead Japanese schoolgirl catfight.

And some stupid mofo put his hand on my arse, and I hit his hand away and put my face near his and stared cock right in his face. He looked absolutely stunned, so I just walked off. Heh. Pundek betul.

Anyway more photos available in my Facebook HERE. Happi viewing! =)

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u guys are not looking scary , But the girl on the last picture is so cute . . Damn god given birth to such an lovely angel . Grt eyes . . keep on updating ur photo im one of her biggest fan

Do you make much money from Pay per Post? They have your blog featured as "Blog of the Day" and I think it is truly inferior to most of the other blogs that I read. Nothing that couldn't be fixed with a different layout and better English. Hard to read your posts - don't know where you are and why you are so cold and unhappy, but I hope all that changes for the better for you soon.
Best wishes.

Arun: Hehehe, yes, she truly is a lovely girl...=)

Wendy: I don't rely on blogging as my source of income. Blogging for me has been my way of expressing my (random) thoughts, and to be honest, I have no idea why my blog was featured as "Blog of the Day". I have no plans to change my layout for the time being, as I prefer it this way, and yes, I am cold (literally as well) and unhappy because of certain circumstances.

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