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Blogging using my new gadget = Apple iTouch.

DISCLAIMER: Please cran your neck 45 degrees (or more) to the right in order to view pictures in this post in the best possible way. Any readers of this blog suffering from neck aches or other pains or illness will in no way hold the writer of this blog responsible. Stiff neck sufferers are free to skip this post.

Remember my post a few days ago regarding blogging from my new toy?

Well, its memory capacity is 8 Gigabytes and it has also got a wonderfully photoshoped Macy Grey on the box cover.

Sorry ar, pictures all 'senget' (sideways) wan.(Please read the disclaimer above) Lazy to rotate them cos' my lappie takes damn long for the pictures to be rotated. Low on memory-lah cos too much porn in it edi.

Hellooo, baby!
(Yeah, have Apple iTouch will blog..=) )

What I found cute was that the earphones and USB charger come packaged like this:

Quite cute hor? Simple and nice, and somehow it also reminds me of a packet of junk food. Don't ask me why.

So yeah, my new toy, heheh.

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