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If I can't dazzle you with my 100-volt smile, at least my new ring will.

Yes, I do have a 100-volt smile. Too bad it can't kill. But let me assure you my smile will dazzle you. Heh.

If it can't or if you're dead by then, at least my ring will. Lol. Not engagement ring or a diamond ring lar, wtf. For that, we will all have to look at *coughcoughDonnycough* the future.

I'm talking about a ring given to me by my ex-colleague, aka. Spaz Bunny aka. ah Meow.
Btw, please don't ask me why her nicknames are so unique.

The colours are a wee bit dull in this lighting.

Found out that apparently that 'cha-boh'(girl) handmakes accessories. So, I saw a ring she was wearing one day to work, and it was made of Swarowski crystals.

Yup, more like the real colours.

Thanks a lot for the ring, Dawn. <333 it.

Btw, if you like the ring shown above, well, she's selling custom-made accessories at really affordable prices. The ring shown above will only cost you around RM 25 lar, wtf. Summore people can custommize for you and furthermore it's made using real Swarowski crystals lar tiu. Not cheap meh?

You can contact her at hangsubuh@gmail.com (<-tengok betapa spastik dia, lol) for more details kay?

ah ling

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