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Spam mail annoys me. (An x-rated penis rant.)

Garrrrh. Can you blame me?

With super imaginative titles like "Grow extra inches" and "She likes them big!" (and no, they are not describing the growth of a human body either, just a certain part of human anatomy that only applies to guys) which ARE SO NOT RELEVANT TO ME UNDER WHATSOEVER CIRCUMSTANCES, I wish I could stab the person who gave my email address to these so-called 'spam marketers' in the left armpit with my pen.

Do I look like I have a penis which needs to be elongated by 4 inches wtf?!? If I did have a penis, it would prolly be long enough, to quote a certain someone, "to shove up a person's ass until he gags".

So be careful because you never know when ah ling is going to sprout a penis. *stares down pants* I'll let you guys know when that happens okay? Then we can all gather around to marvel at my *ehem* 4-foot long wonder.

ah ling

P.S: Only close friends will be invited.

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