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Know of any Kernicterus sufferers?

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Apparently right after I was born I suffered from jaundice. And I had it quite badly (according to my mum) so I had it treated. Anyway, after reading up a little bit more about jaundice, i feel quite blessed because I did not develop Kernicterus.In case you haven't heard about such a term before, well, Kernicterus is a rare but serious disease that affects babies soon after they are born, and it happens because the jaundice is left untreated. How tragic, really, that it can be avoided but it still happens.

And so, children who develop Kernicterus are victims of malpractice. Really, especially since it could be well avoided in the first place. If you know of anyone who's child suffers from it, I guess you should consider contacting the Kernicterus Advocacy Network as they have a team of trial lawyers who are dedicated as well as possess a proven track record of significant verdicts and settlements for their clients. You can read more about them here or just give them a call at 1-888-873-6519.


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