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A matter of principle.

I used to have a few principles that I told myself I would stick to, no matter what. Sorry, yam not going to write them out here because they are really personal matters to me, and also because I don't know who is reading this post or who will be reading this post in the future. Quite frankly I know that I've always said that "this is my blog, yadayada,and I write what I want so don't read it if you don't want to yadayada", but listing down the principles of mine which I have abandoned, well, I don't want certain people (if they do read this which they probably do) to be hurt. 'Nuff said.


Going on to change the topic, was at King Crab restaurant with the family the other day, and I was telling my mum that it was too bad my camera wasn't with me *glares at Donny* if not I could probably have taken some food pictures. My mum said "Yeahlah, then can put the pictures on your blog". Wtf. How come my mum knows that I have a blog wtf? =.="""
So you see, have to be careful of what I write in here *looks around*

ah ling

P.S: Happy Deepavali! For those celebrating enjoy your oil bath xD

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