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Beanbags, beanbags!

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I miss having a beanbag! I remember going to get the bag, and grabbing plastic bags full of the beans.Bean Bags are full of fun don't you agree? That was probably the reason why my brothers and I used to fight over who got to sit on the beanbag all the time. I just realised how old-school the beanbag in my house was when I saw that they make them in this size and for gamers
as well. What the ....?! Damn. Must. keep. Up. With. Bean Bags. Fashion.


Omg I din know that I was linked here
Anyways I've chnged my blog add to missymelcwfmusings.blogspot.com
Sorry if this comment wasnt abt beanbags but u had no chatterbox!

heya, you are, and have been linked here for a long time edi..=.=""
okay, will update links soon.SOON.lol

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