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GoLive! Mobile

Whenever any of my friends *glares* go online from whichever hangout place we are at, I like to 'kaypoh' (be a busybody) and peek at whatever they are looking at
on their mobile or PDA phone. Most of the time, I just get annoyed quickly and stop looking after that, not because the text is too darned small (it can't be helped, can it?), but because somehow or other (sorry, I am not person who can spout of technical jargon off the top of my head) the position of the text shown on the website on the screen is just all over the place. A total jumbled up mess.

Yeah. Probably they haven't come across GoLive! Mobile yet. They offer services to prevent people using their mobile viewing your company's homepage from seeing a complete mess. They use large phone databases to ensure that your site is always displayed correctly regardless of whichever phone is accessing it.

There are many options of mobile billing which can be done by them, including the options of Paypal, Premium SMS and credit card. From my point of view, I think that GoLive! Mobile offers many great promotional tools which can be used to help boost traffic to your company's site including mobile search and advertising as well as sms marketing.Interested, anyone? Go check them out then.


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