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I think it's time to return your phonebook.

Okay, here's a secret I've been keeping for 7 years now.

During my high school days, we used to share classrooms ; the seniors in the morning session and us juniors in the afternoon session. The thing is, when we left our books or anything in the desks, the next day our things would be gone. I guess the seniors didn't like us sharing the desks and leaving our stuff there.

Anyway, one day I found a wallet (Quiksilver leh!) in the desk, and a friend (who shall not be named here) and I went through the wallet (no money!) and I took a phonebook (those small credit sized ones) and I think we threw the wallet away or something like that (yes, we were young and stupid) and the owner of the wallet never did wait for us after class to 'interrogate' us.

The subsequent year the owner of the wallet died.

Yes. In a car accident. He was only 18.

When I heard that, I felt so bad. Truly. I remember reading his obituary in the Star papers and finding it surreal.

Till now, I haven't given it much thought until 2 days ago.For no particular reason, I started thinking about the whole phonebook stealing thingy and feeling really guilty for most of the morning that day.

When I got back, I read the papers and then flipped to the obituary section (a bad habit of mine) and I saw his face staring at me. For real. He passed away 7 years ago on the 6th of November.

I think it's time to return his phonebook. Dear Boon Kiat, I'm so sorry. Really. Rest in peace wherever you are.

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