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Spock - The People Search Engine; not just any search engine.

You know, I thought that Spock was just another one of those networking sites where everybody is somebody else's distant relative or something like that until I read the About page in Spock. There, I happened to see this:

What Spock Is Not

Spock is not a social network. Don't get us wrong, we love social networks. We just think that there are already plenty of great options out there for sharing among friends. Spock is a people search application - once you find who you are looking for, go ahead and click through to see where they are on the web.

And then I realised that it was a lot more than just making friends with random strangers. It was more than just trying to pick people up through the power of messaging (but there is a messaging feature in Spock =)).

Spock actually combines the information from people who are on other networking sites (think directories, blogs, social networking sites). Simply, this means that you just have to log into one place (Spock!), and get as much information that Spock knows that it can about a certain someone without you having to surf around the Internet doing your own research (just imagine having the additional time to check out as many cute guys as you wish who are interested in the same things as you are).

I searched for 'Hamsters'. I know. Totally unimaginative choice when I could have searched for something like 'Adult games' right? The reason being that I find hamsters cute, and adult games not at all, but I digress. I found a profile called 'I Love Hamsters' and I clicked on it simply because of this picture:

and now I also have a widget for my site for that the owner of that profile.

Yup, you can even choose to add a widget to your site for the people who can be found on Spock.

Even though it is still in Beta stage, I still find the whole idea of this 'People Search Engine' to be a novel one. At least it is not jumping on the whole 'networking and make more friends with strangers' bandwagon. Go see for yourself and let me know what you think.

*This was a sponsored post*


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