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Stylehive - Peter Belisi


Peter Belisi of Being Belisi is indeed an intriguing and ingenious person. Bringing to life his very own Belisi fashion line which consists of accessories and clothing which would complement any fahionable and well-groomed person's wardrobe, should be information enough to make you look up to him in awe and respect. And why not? With his Belisifashion line being in constant demand the world over (for their styles and quality), I'll bet you think that Peter Belisi is not easily accesible as a everyday person just like you and me.

Wrong.Belisi actually created a profile on stylehive(What's hot.Right now) as a way of showcasing his designs and also other designers' items which he likes, ranging from sandals to home furnishings to clothes. Interesting. Try seeing firsthand for yourself what Belisi likes, and maybe this will help us to develop our fashion sense.


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