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Counting calories made easy with "Easy Calorie Counter"


Health-conscious (or rather weight-conscious) people the world over (like me) can be really anal when it comes down to noting down the amount of calories in food consumed. But don't you find it a hassle, especially when it boils down to being unsure of the amount of calories of a certain food you just consumed? There's no possible way to actually memorize the number of calories all food items have, unless you are a lean, mean walking machine (sorry, couldn't resist sounding so cliched). Tired of thinking about calories? Let your very own calorie counter do the job for you. Also known as a Health FIt Counter, this portable hand-held device has been programmed to calculate the amount of calories contained in over 2,000 different types of food. If not, you can just enter the data for a new food you have just discovered. Simple, easy and 100% guaranteed. Genius!

*Proceeds from this post are donated to the American Red Cross. Time for me to give back.*


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