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Curtains (and more!) aplenty to beautify your house.

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What's the one important thing which you MUST have in your house?(Besides the roof and doors and electricity and water.) Okay, maybe you don't consider curtains to be an essential part of your house, but I do. I mean, what is more important than keeping prying eyes out of your domain, and yet is able to invoke that 'green-eyed' monster (also known as 'jealously') among your friends or visitors to your house? I like
wooden blinds instead of the commonplace curtains? Okay, actually there are a whole lot of choices for even curtain fabrics, to curtain tracks. In fact, the choices are so horrendously mind-boggling that this blogger (me!) who was checking out THIS SITE has now concluded that in the future, choosing furnishings for her house is NOT going to be an easy task at all.


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