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Largest Blog Comment Chain World Record Attempt

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So nowadays it is no more just about creating a record worthy enough of mention in the Guiness Book of World Records. No more about seeing the furthest any individual can hop, or walking the longest distance backwards, or even about attempting to set a record for climbing up the highest peak in the world. Now, the attempt at record-setting moves on to the blogosphere. To be more precise, this time the attempt is at setting the largest blog comment chain world record.

And guess who(or rather which company) is trying to do just that? If you guessed PayPerPost, then let me congratulate you on winning your hundred dollars in prize money.Not. Okay, but I'm just kidding about the hundred bucks in prize money, but, yes, PayPerPost is trying to do just that on their very own

Apparently this attempt would be the first of its kind to set a record for the world's longest blog comment chain, since there is no prior record of anything like this attempt which has been recorded before. Ted mentioned that he has never seen a thread count of comments reach above 350 before, so he is shooting for 2000 "unique human generated comments of 35 words or more each generated within one week of the original post". Bummer to tell you about this, Ted, but on a certain gossip site, I've seen the comments for certain posts number up to 2000(give and take).

Regardless of all the comments floating around in the blogosphere, I will show my support by leaving a comment on the blog post as soon as I'm done typing this post. Posties, show you support by clicking on the links and making Ted's attempt fruitful.

ah ling

P.S: More 1k opportunities for us in the future, Ted? *hopeful look*


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