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Home heaters are great for people who can't stand the cold.

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And especially for people like me who can feel cold really easily, even in places like the car(!!) or after a while in the air-conditioned room, imagine what it is like for me to be in a place where you can most certainly NOT control the weather. I think that even though when I do get myself over to the United Kingdom in the summer, I know that if I were not a student on a budget, I would most definitely get myself a wall heater. Laugh all you want, but I can tell you very honestly right now that I would never be able to survive in a cold climate without any heating available.(Do I look like a penguin to you?) Besides, I read that having a wall heater will help save on the heating bill as it uses either natural gas or propane. That said, anyone out there willing to sponsor a heater for me so I will not have to wrap myself up in layers and layers of clothing once I go there?


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