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Baskin Robbins' ice cream helps me relax.

Seriously, it was a great way to just relax after the extremely high - usage of brain power earlier in the evening. Tension and stress can kill you or you either kill the poor innocent people around you.

So the penguinboyfriend and I just walked down one flight of stairs to go to ice-cream heaven.

I find it funny that I pretty much know beforehand which ice-cream flavour I'm going to
choose, and yet I still like to have an ice-cream tasting session (but today I tried out the flavour which I knew I was going to choose, so as not to seem, well, greedy). I bet there are loads of people out there with the same habit as me hor.

All I want to do right now is just sleep. But i'm in the office, so no sleeping now (though prolly the boss wouldn't mind).

ah ling

P.S : Don, it took you THIS long to find out the meaning of 'xoxo' ? =.="""

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