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Do you like the little pictures you often see in multimedia presentations, software or even websites? Well, they are easy enough to obtain. To get them, all you need to do is either to (a)design them yourself or (b) buy them. People who know nuts about designing and graphics (just like me!) would do well to buy them.

Paying a small quantity of money saves you heartache, headache and loads of stress. You can get as many as a hundred and one icons for 65 dollars. Do not forget that for the 65 dollars (as mentioned above) you not only get numerous icons, but also brilliant artwork and very high quality XP Icons.

Just a few of the many icons which can be found at Iconplant.com

Choose from many different categories including medical icons , food and beverage icons or even education icons. I like the fertility icon (under medical icons). Nice.

Compared to the other sites, the pricing of the icons there for sale are extremely affordable. Hey, you can even opt for all the entire icons (1004 icons) available at only $249 (this is the sale price okay, normally it would set you back $1120). Not only are the prices well worth the hassle, but I like that the support which is offered seems to be of top priority to the company. It's great that they promise to get back to customers within 24 hours.

And just in case you really don't want to fork out the money first and are hoping to get free samples, well, lucky you, as there is a free download of sample icons here.


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