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yeah,yeah, i get it.

yup, DK stripped revealed. ^_^


1) i am feeling fat. And I accidentally shouted at Niki on the phone just now. Because i was driving. And i didn't have my bluetooth headset on. And my loudspeaker wasnt clear. And I kept hearing him saying "Piki!! Piki!!" when i asked who it was. And also because i thought it was DONNY PLAYING ANOTHER OF HIS INFAMOUS BLOWJOBS PRANK CALLS ON ME. *shakes fist at Donny* I shouted " Who the fuck is this?". OOOOPS.

2) I am looking for a car bonnet. one that will fit a Proton Saga/ Proton Wira. Yeah. undamaged, doesnt' need to be a new car bonnet. Anybody willing to sell me one?

3) The penguin boyfriend is happily bumming around. Lucky him. *Growls*

4) The wedding we attended!! HORROR SIAL. Wanna know why ar? Ask me if you see me and i'll tell you why. Okay, ONE reason why was because the food was horribly sucky. yet ANOTHER reason why is because there was dangdut and line-dancing which started in between the 3rd and 4th course and continued till the end. Luckily there was no karaoke. I would definitely have killed myself by smashing my cup on my head and then using the broked shards to slice my aorta. And the 2nd reason would be because the cameraman who was doing a 'live-broadcast' seems to be (in Julius's own words ) " the cameraman from the Blair Witch Project. (Think jerky movements!! Camera bouncing here and there!! Zooming in at weird angles!!!)
Pening like mad-lah.

okay, enough for now.

Much love,

-= ah ling =-

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!