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gee, i'm not dead yet.

But it seems that my nokia 6280 is.


Haven't been blogging since i left for Malacca. lazy-lah. What hapened during the trip:

reaching Malacca at 11 pm on saturday nite and going clubbing with Jackie n Minn Yi and Kelvin Gan n Rachael n the penguinboyfriend @ Pure Bar at 12 am and trying to get back to Bukit Beruang amidst the flood waters.

feeding Casper the pointer , Rocky (the new boxer dog) and Jack the (not so small)pointer puppy.

Using a broom to smack the mangoes down from the penguinboyfriend's house and having passerbys think i'm trying to STEAL those mangoes =.='''

Buying smoked salmon, mussels and prawns and cooking seafood spaghetti in cream for his family.

went to the optician to get a pair of sunglasses and wanted a Jill Stuart pair with crystal flowers on the side, but decided that pair was too oversized, so am currently undecided on DIOR? Oakleys? Jill Stuart?


my shopping acquired for the last week or so:

2 pairs of skirts from Union Bay
1 pair of shoes from Vincci ( thepenguinboyfriend's mum sponsored for me!!!)
1 dress from Forever21 (the penguinboyfriend boughtit for me!!! actually
it was bribery ; new dress or else i'm not going for CJ and Laura's wedding. Click on the link to see
their website just for their wedding. Laura drives a Honda S2000 back in the States!
1 handbag from Jim Thomson (gift from the parents whom just came back from Thailand)
1 scarf ( gift from parents again)
1 OP top (from Jamie from Singapore!!!!)
XIXILI lingerie (from thepenguin boyfriend also)
more lingerie (from myself, muahahaha)
new dog collar and pliers(from the penguinboyfriend's dad!)


onward to see what the new week will bring. hey ho.

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!