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sachkmeoffhardar. (suck me off harder) / pictures

Drew and I came up with that 'Russianised' version of 'suck me off harder' when we were talking about crap online. So what's new ? *sigh*


Remember my ' Chee Cheong Fun genitalia post ? Here it is :

I swear it happened to be like that and we didn't arrange the thing on purpose!!!


And in reference to my
Jogoya post ,

here are a few pictures i managed to snap before Karen called and my battery died on me.

The interior as seen from where i was sitting:

Random strangers' butts The ice-cream freezer:

The cookie counter :

The coconut (it was a free-flow of Thai coconuts. We saw one man balancing 5 on a plate while carrying another 2 more in his hand).


huge ass oysters!! I must have eaten around 10 of them! Raw!! cooked! baked with cheese!!

(blogger is PMS-ing!!! uploading the pictures was easy just now, now it's a bitch!!)
wanted to take pictures of escargots too, but you know how snails look like eh.Not very photogenic.


Btw, the tv is here. And yesterday the parents went to buy a new sound system to go with it, but the picture was taken before we got the sound system anyway. Oh and dad fixed a portable DVD player to the treadmill and got 'wireless' Astro (don't ask me how it works, i really have no idea), so now i can watch Spongebob Squarepants if i want to when i jog!^_^

Have a good week ahead people..

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!