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happenings in ah ling's life on the 2nd & 3rd March

Okay, i know the title of this post sounds really really boring, but wth - lar. There are pictures!!!

Let's see.

2nd March.

Went to the FILA warehouse sales. Yes. Got Donny ( bless you!) to help me stand in line and pay for my stuff. Bought a pair of shoes for less than RM 40. Finally met Mei Ching(faster add me hor so i can read your blog? thanks.) ^_^

anyway, dinner later that night at Delicious Cafe was great. The penguin boyfriend had the spring chicken. Check the pictures out(no, it's not a typical food blog, just one of those rare occasions where we felt the food neede to cam-hoe).

Mr spring chicken. You died for a very good cause. You tasted real good too.

one more result of the penguin's boyfriend's picture - taking moment.

and a VERY disturbing picture of the chicken's..erm. asshole(?!?!!) this picture is my work hor, so dun blame the poor penguin boyfriend.

we also found a few garlic cloves and half a lemon inside the poor spring chicken.tsktsktsk. We really felt its pain. =.=''''''

3rd March

Oh did I mention that the penguin's boyfriend's credit card is officialy NOT A VIRGIN anymore? *insert evil laugh here as you wish* all because i went to MAMBO @ KLCC today. they're having a clearance sale!! I bought 2 pairs of board shorts. the normal price for one pair is rm 150, but i got them at 60% off. YES. SIXTY PERCENT OFF. also got the penguin boyfriend a t-shirt for 51 bucks, normal price rm 170. QUICK GO GO GO. no wait, let me go there again and buy some more stuff first hor, cos today i onli had 1/2 hour to shop. =.=''''

Since it was one of my colleague's birthday that day and she IS a vegetarian, we got her a present. Instead of a fruit basket, we got her a VEGEbasket. =.="""""

the vegebasket.

please note how they arranged the eggplants and cucumber. *extreme sweat*

side view.

one of the guys even got here a 'bouquet' of serai (lemongrass), curry leaves and some creeper leaves. Too bad i didin't get to take photos of that though. It was even beautifully wrapped okay. I have a bunch of whacky colleagues. Makes life all the more interesting.


I really found this signboard disturbing, so i got the penguin boyfriend to stand next to it so i could take pictures of it.

awww.. isn't he cute...^_^


Took Tommy 1 out again to Coffeebean. Guess he's becoming a real regular hor..

Have a great weekend people. Nyehnyehnyeh.

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!