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update update.

First things first.

Happi Belated Birthday post, Donny. The penguin boyfriend and I still owe you your present.


Our anniversary, was, well, our anniversary. I 'pau-ed' (ok-lah, he gave it to me) the penguin's boyfriend's PDA. The clues he gave me to try and guess what the other part of the gift went like this :

i) It's not fried chicken (=.='''')
ii) It's not made of metal
iii) It's not made of wood
iv) It flew in from far far away


tetek-lah. How the hell was I supposed to know what it was???????!??!?

Anyway, you've gotta be close to me to find out hor...

I think he likes the Guess watch I gave him..He'd better okay. That watch is the equivalent of the price of 2 of my "babies" (Nine West bag-lah) which is not on sale / one Coach wristlet. Go figure.

And I went to the Education UK fair at the KL Convention Centre. But since I was there around 10 something and the fair onli started at 1 pm, i ended up shopping. Here's my list of my newly acquired goods:

1) Guess pouch in bronze!! ( I also 'pau-ed' my mum's, which is red)
2) Mambo board shorts!!
3) 3 Mambo tops ( 1 for the penguinboyfriend, one for Shun's bday, one for somebody else's belated bday present)

Money disappears so fast *sob*


Have a good week ahead people.

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!