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busy week behind. Boring week ahead.

1) Cherating was HOT. as in hot and humid. And i ate so much local delicacies there ( think keropok lekor , otak-otak , sata, yes, sata, not satay) made of fish that i should find gills sprouting soon.

2) Tiesto rave was....hot. yeah. Damn stuffy inside okay. Now i know why people wear bikini tops to raves.Even though i was wearing my corset top (no bra, muahahahah!) i was sweating like hell. Imagine how the penguin boyfriend must have felt. Met Mei Ching, Donny, DJ Fono(of Zouk) and Arif's bro there. Looking for a friend of mine, but couldnt find him, so in the end it was like "ah, fuck it." And so the rave went on. Got interviewed by Channel V. Damn, i must have looked so blur. Pictures to come soon.

3) Thanks to all those friends of mine who helped get my bro and his friend in. Btw, my bro is not even 15 years old yet.

4) Got the penguin's boyfriend's anniversary present. He asked me to give it away though. stupid penguin. (<-- said in a loving way)

5) Happi Birthday Eric. Many happi returns.


PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!