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me got to hold a real gun!!

I got to carry the shotgun!! It was freakin heavy and 'all metal' ( hmm..metallic?)..The boyfriend showed me how to load it and how to turn the safety catch on or off.
No chance to fire it yet though, lets just say we were supposed to go hunting but we were too late since our targets(babi hutan/wildboar) ran off.

Will prolly go hunting next time though..The boyfriend will definately make me kill 'tupai' (squirrels) for real. Just like in my dream that day.


Speaking of that dream, i got my 'revenge' through killing zombies!! By playing one of the playstation2 games on his new PS2 slim. It has to be said that I am JEALOUS!! of my own present to him!! MUAHAHAHAHHA...I would get one for myself. But.I.Am.Broke.

but yeah. GTA 3 was fun. So was Midnight Club.

So it was money well spent then, i guess.


when i find something interesting to blog about, then i will. But there is nothing more i can say for now...

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!