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Pictures / random stuff / the jambu with pubic hair

WARNING : Crappy entry ahead with totally random pictures inserted at the writer's will.

DISCLAIMER : The author will not be held liable for any bouts of nausea/boredom or such induced by reading any of this blog's entries.

Read the above already? What ho! Onwards!!


These two pictures were taken on the 12th October at the National Blood Bank while I waited for my turn to get my test results.

See the results of ah ling making Karen take her photos with the numbered slip:

See the numbers printed on the paper! Can go and buy lottery okay!!( But donchno if can strike or not wan)


Oh!! see pictures of my auntie's new ''daughter''.

See its little butt:

Also see a candid shot of ah ling's foot which was taken by accident when she was trying to get the dog to settle down.


Did I mention that the bf and I went for the 'Theresa Teng Remembrance Concert' ( or something like that) at the KL Convention Centre?( we, or rather, he, was forced by their CEO to attend the concert).
Here's a pix of the Plenary Hall from where i was seated:

The songs being sung were pretty okay, but the sound system was sucky!! At times the singers' voices and also the sound of the er-hu was drowned out by the background music. Also, there were lots of hiccups.Yeah. Many.Many.Glitches.

Hmm.. the dinner at Jalan Alor after that was okay-lar. FIrst time I've seen a Beemer ( a BMW, with Malaccan numberplates summore!Haha!) being towed away, most prolly cos it was obstructing the way huh..


If i have been acting unusually hyper, here's the reason why:

Can you see what it is??

Green tea. Green tea makes me hyper.
Hyper. HYper. HYPer. HYPEr. HYPER. And more HYPER. HYPER-er(<-- no such word) even.

And I put my brew in here:

Guess where I got my nice lil' exclusive glass teapot from?? I ain't going to write here where i got it from, sorry, keep guessing and i'll tell you in person!


The jambu with pubic hair.

Did you ever realise that innocent looking jambu air ( water apples, you know. The pink bell-shaped fruit) actually have PUBIC HAIR?!!?!??!?!?!?!
Don't believe me ar?

Check this out :

SEE!! IT'S GOT MOMO!!! HAIRY ( Curly and coarse!!)MOMO SUMMORE!! the 'pubic hair' you see in the picture above was what was left AFTER i stopped pulling them out so that i could take a picture!! IMAGINE!! HAIRY MOMO JAMBU!!!

Told Tetek Leong Jason and Jamie about it later and this is what Jason said :

" Sometimes they even have 'gajus' growing out of the hair.."...


o.O""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" (<-- new variation of a sweating person)

OMG!!! ish ish, Tetek Leong Jason....


Anyway i've been promoting Nokia's latest unreleased handphones @ KLCC since Saturday. Normally we hang the phones around our neck. Not this time.

Nokia 6111


As you can see we chain the phones to our wristcuff. We look like dogs. We also look like we're into the whole S&M / bondage scene. Kinky. Kinda degrading too...

Back of the nokia 6111:

Group photo of us working at the Nokia "Live Connected" KLCC show:

Can you spot me with my newly straightened hair??

Btw, we used the phone to take the group pictures. It is a prototype though, just like the nokia 6270 and the nokia 6280 that the other girls were using.


That's enough for now, am so freaking tired already. Happy marveling at the jambu's pubic hair yah?

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!