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am back in one piece.

Lets see how things went :

1) ikan bakar ( should have cam-whored with the huge ass lobster-lah!!)
2) Geographers
3) Jonker street
4) the 'playground'(<-- so NOT for kids.heh.)
5) tim sum @ 7.30am
6) yong tau foo ( got to meet "ponty" the python)
7) Friends cafe
8) dinner with his parents

had a great time!! thanks Ying n Jason for taking me around!!!!


- Have to go to college tomorrow @ 6.45 am to collect the darn robe for the
- am currently thinking of ways to cook the piece of wild boar meat in my freezer.
- am traumatized. Mr W.K took out what i thought was a smal piece of kangaroo skin (you know, the kind that ppl buy from Down Under as souvenirs), then i realized that that actually used to be a squirrel.=.='''' half the tail was gone, so was its head. it actually had its ballsack (erm. go to www.newgrounds.com and search for 'retarded animal babies'. look at one of the characters ( a foul-mouthed and horny one) and u can see its ballsack.( or testicles.whatever lar))
but anyway ended up using the hollows of the paws as finger puppets.

hahah! ( damn sad actually.am off! mother wants to hear about the malacca trip. aih.[sebenarnya interogation])

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!