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Pingo!The last calling card you will ever need.


Okay, I have to admit that my choice of words for the title was kind of corny, but there's nothing corny about Pingo. To enlighten you before I continue with this post, Pingo is a provider of cheap International calling cards. I can hear the question "Exactly how cheap is cheap?" in your mind. Let me say that I did some comparisons or research on International phone call rates and that I was pleasantly surprised. Why?

Well, since I will be going overseas soon, I figured that it would be best to check out information regarding United Kingdom calling card rates as I don't think that I will be able to qualify for a phone line when I get there. To call Malaysia from the United Kingdom is as low
as 2.4 pence a minute(roughly 15 sen a minute). That's cheap! I can't even talk to anyone locally on my mobile for 15 sen a minute, while Pingo's mobile users save up to 90% or more on their international calls.

Since it is an International prepaid calling card, it sure is gratifying to know that in case your roaming doesn't work on your mobile (like mine sometimes!), you will still have an option to be connected to your loved ones in any event.Even foreign workers here in Malaysia get to be contacted easily and with the best rates as Pingo offers great deals like best mobile India calling card rates and so on.Truly the last calling card you will ever need.

I like their tagline. So catchy.


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