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geographers!! here i come!!

yay! will be in Malacca this saturday n sunday for mr W.K's father's birthday dinner.

should be going to Geographers pub @ Jonker Street and for tim sum around 6 something the next morning with Jamie, Jason, Tracy, Wern...and hopefully (*crosses fingers*) mr W.K himself, although i seriously doubt he can wake up at that time.

Anyway will update after i'm back, then will compare entries, to see if things went the way they are supposed to, and who turned up for tim sum and who didn't.

Yam bored, had stupid MIS test today. Structured walkthrough eh? Never even heard of that term before today's test.

Must remember to text 'dad' to wish him happy birthday later today ( its alreadi 12 something a.m.!!). He is 57 years old!! ( 30 years older than his son).

how informative I am... boring sial.

Oh!! read something in the papers 2 days ago about a minister from the it department getting chased by a group of pigs?!?damn sad rite??

gnite ppl..

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!