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$8.00 for a pair of prescription eyeglasses.

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I was looking at a friend's pair of spectacles the other day (Prada) but I didn't have a chance to ask her how much she got hers for, as she was complaining that she had to pay every penny for them out of her own pocket.

And I was just looking at my own pair of spectacles earlier, and wondering what on earth possessed me to spend my father's money on this expensive pair (Hugo Boss). Well, to justify the spending, I would say that I don't change my eyeglasses every other year, and it is difficult for me to get cheap prescription lenses. Now if I could get quality eyeglasses on the cheap, I would buy them for myself, as it would be nice to match them according to my outfits and my mood for the day.

But it's extremely difficult to find good quality yet cheap eyeglasses, especially prescription ones. Even more so if they are stylish.

Zenni Optical answers my predicament above though.

In fact,this pair
looks like mine
and this pair only costs $39.95, AND the frame is pure titanium.

I digress. Prescription eyeglasses start from $8.00. No kidding.

Apparently, their marketing strategy to keep costs low (and thus passing on the savings to the customer), is by cutting out the middlemen, having virtually no advertising budget (word-of-mouth; it works!) and by not having a brick and mortar store.

There are lots of choices in their site as well, from bifocal lens, a HUGE variety of frames to suit every face, to tinted sunglasses lens. Nice.

And if you find it difficult to believe that prescription glasses can cost from as low as $8.00, check out
this article
from the Chicago Tribune.


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