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Chicken rice + blackberry ice-cream

Cooked chicken rice the other day for 2 friends.

Taugeh is so expensive here after converting *grumbles*. In Malaysia RM 3.41 can buy a bloody big bag enough to use for a pillow. Or has the price gone up again?

A better picture of expensive taugeh *grumbles to self again*

The main star of the chicken rice show.

All the cast together. The rice was fried with sesame oil, garlic and butter before being boiled. Damn nice *Sendiri bangga*

And the other day went blackberry picking. Got poked by thorns in the process as well. Heh.

Choose your berries.

The berry shortly before it's vanilla icy cold end.

Blackberry ice-cream (I know it doesn't look very appetizing here but blame it on me taking the picture without using my DSLR *coughcoughehem*)

Okay, lazy to update anymore liao. Have a good week ahead kay?

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