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Photos!!! Last train back home/ camwhoring/ doughnut monster

This is what it's like being on the last train home, when you and the driver are the only humans on the train.

Anyway, one of the things I enjoy (which contribute immensely to the calorie count in my daily diet) is Tesco's jam doughnuts. Why don't they have this back home?!?

New packaging which says "Doughnut Monster"

Originally there were 5 doughnuts. Then my boss ate one. So left 4 only lor.

Hello, I am a doughnut monster who just woke up not too long ago and am a bit cranky at the point of taking this picture.

Food aside, today was a really really bright and sunny day! So sunny till my room mate and I ended up wearing shorts, t shirts and flip-flops. Really felt like tourists especially since almost everyone else was wearing jeans and had jackets with them.

Hari ini, semangat untuk bercamwhore membara tinggi!

At first tak jadi because my skill at taking pictures of myself has become rusty. Lol.

ah ling with a dandelion.

Second attemot.

Yay! Do you like my Oscar De La Renta sunglasses? xD

With my room mate on the grass. I was like "I want to take pictures on the grass!" But before we could do so had to check carefully to make sure that was no dog poo around.

The ice-cream is damn nice hor. Sainsbury's own brand. Syiok! I'm going to get some more *claps hands*

Climbed up here to take a photo. I'm laughing cos' it was goddamned slippery and I nearly slipped. Nearly only okay.

So pretty much that's a few photos which I wanted to share with all of you. Hopefully tomorrow can get some more good ones at the Sheffield Fayre this year. It's Bank Holiday tomorrow, which means it's a public holiday, yay!

ah ling

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