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Hello, England.

After 24 hours of traveling alone (I made it!) and waiting for hours at different places, I finally made it back to Sheffield.

I'm tired, my luggage bag lock fucked up (but it's open now, so at least I could get my glasses), and feeling a bit cranky cos missing my beebee.

Btw, thank you lovely people for sending me off to the airport and for being there at such ungodly hours of the morning. Also for those who held farewells for me, thank you very very much. And to the person who couldn't make it to the airport yet came over the night before to pass me my present, thank you very muchie! (You know who you are =) ) So blessed lar, me.

Am thirsty, so have been chugging water like crazy. Luckily for me the tap water here is drinkable. Lol.

ah ling

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