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Garden fountains as gift ideas, anyone?

*Sponsored post*

I could send you Wall Fountains in a box. Heh. Really. I would even send it to you via UPS for fast delivery (and it would probably be free for me to do so). You could even enjoy the 'Andro' (Joyce's term for lion -__-) in your own home instead of going all the way to Rome or something, except that it is not called Andro, but El Leon.

Just add water, plug in and enjoy the sounds of the water feature. Probably it would be good 'feng shui' too, with all that water around. To see more choices of garden fountains, just go to Garden-Fountains.com.They have so many affordable types of wall fountains, it would be easy to just close your eyes and pick one as a lovely and unique present for someone.


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