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i'm sunburnt.Again.

after 6 days on a ship, i felt as if my bed was moving on the first night back in KL. Bah.

the penguinboyfriend reckons that my suntan this time around will last for another year. At least i'm not as dark as before during our trip to Lang Tengah.

Thailand was...Thailand. Nah, Thailand was great! The people (Friendly), the food (i like Thai food),the shopping(even better than sex at times, i reckon, just that i have to pay for the shopping.hah!oh wait,penguin gave me cash.), everything was great. I want to go there again.I don't care. I must. I will. The only thing about cruising around was the lack of time, so didn't really have a chance to go shopping properly.Call it a quickie, i guess.

When getting off the ship at Port Klang i saw a lecturer! The HORROR! he recognized me first okay. Mr Stuart! i know you don't read this but i hope you had a nice time in Singapore...*lalalalalalalala*

Sunset on the ship

a song that should be banned at weddings:

Westlife - Fool Again


Should be going back to Malacca this weekend; the penguin'sboyfriend's cousin is getting married...Anyone from Lim Kok Wing reading this? Well,the person in particular getting married could be your lecturer.

Which reminds me that i should be charging my handphone. No, there is no connection between charging my handphone with the above statement, just my randomness.

a still in post-holiday mood ah ling

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!