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random ramblings / songs which should be banned at weddings

I have weird dreams, that much i'll admit. What i don't get is the way i react in those dreams. heh.

Also the penguinboyfriend is so sweet ; he knows about the fuck-up with my ATM card and since i don't have any cash on hand to go shopping in Thailand he gave me money. All together now ...."AWWwwww..."

And this is also to wish ah ying a very happi 21st. *hwugs*


Today's song which should be banned at weddings :

Michelle Branch - I'm Not Over You

ah ling

P.S: ah ling is hereby officially on hiatus from blogging for one week or so. But since i hardly blog anymore it won't really make an impact on anybody's life huh? Be good and don't miss me too much when i'm away!!!

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